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About us

Our Company

  • Diamond Trade Limited are property specialists dealing with real estate primarily in Budapest, but also in the rest of Hungary and some parts of Central Europe
  • Our portfolio includes residential, retail, and industrial properties, as well as land/development sites
  • Our firm offers decades of experience in the real estate sector, with high level of industry knowledge and connections, both nationally and internationally
  • Our colleagues receive ongoing training in order to remain up-to-date in the business and the market at all times
  • We consider the needs and interests of both the vendor and the buyer (or tenant) when searching for the potential buyer (or tenant) of a property
  • We cover the entire selling and letting process, from inspecting the property, through to valuation and marketing, overseeing the legal preparation, and closing the transaction
  • Due to our professionalism, reliability and efficient approach, the number of our returning customers is continuously on the rise, and with that our database constantly expands as well

If you are looking to sell or let your property, or if you are searching for real estate in order to buy, rent, invest or develop, we very much look forward to hearing from you and being of assistance.

Warm regards,

Felicia Anton
Managing Director

Anton Felicia